Sunday, August 7, 2016

Just the feeling.

The last post probably was because of something happened hence the sum of up the year. And here goes another one not a year end post but it is/was also because of something had happened. (oh it rhymes).

Let's just list whatever that came into my mind:

  1. I still miss that one person. 
  2. I am not ready for anything.  
  3. I am afraid of seeing something that I would not want to face it most. 
  4. I pretend to be okay. 
  5. I am learning to be okay. (well at least I know it is going to happen it's just matter of time) 
  6. I hope I don't remember anything that hurts.  
  7. I hope the aches will not haunt me once in a while. Just begone forever. 
  8. I am afraid of going to places where I use to spend my time. 
  9. I am afraid of bumping into the people.  
  10. I am still learning to disconnect myself from everything that used to be connected. 
  11. I am still learning to not fuck care about anything. 
  12. I am trying very hard to accept. 
  13. I do not know what I can do. 
  14. I got annoyed by myself every single time for the mood swing.  
  15. I want to be who I used to be before. 
  16. I keep on telling myself it is okay, it really is. 
  17. I know that this is not the one. 
  18. I am learning to let go. 
  19. I am not holding onto anything, I think.  
  20. I hope letting go is as easy as throwing something away. 
  21. I hope there is a pill that will erase everything. 
  22. I am not hoping for a restart, but just delete button. 
  23. I want to stop crying for someone who totally does not care. 
  24. I just want to pick myself up and go. 
  25. I am telling myself to move on. 
  26. I am learning things that I want to learn. 
  27. I am learning not to take my family for granted. 
  28. I try my best not to skip meal. 
  29. I look for things that I like to do. 
  30. I watch movie genres that I always loved. 
  31. I listen to Mayday. 
  32. I continue to cafe hop. 
  33. I continue to explore nice coffee. 
  34. I am still working out. 
  35. Oh, I do still cry sometimes. 
  36. I will be fine. 
Mom once told me, no one is responsible of taking care of you forever. You might have plenty who are willing to take care of you if you were lucky; but till you find that one person, you will have to take care of yourself for your own sake. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What happened in this 4 months

Hello yes I'm here, still here :D

Got the mood on everything today haha! From cam whoring to blog :P

Was very satisfied with my new clothes :D Was just trying to take a photo, I don't really like to cam whore by myself, but I do still do it once it a while. Only very little chances the photos will turn out to be good.

So today is a quite good one.

Short update recently, went party with the little girl 4 months back! haha

I think it was some random ladies night :P

I have graduated.

Well, heh heh til then I will see when will I come back next time! :D

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Little girl turned 20

Once in a while I have the mood to blog :P

Cause I really like this photo of me and this xiao pepet :P kuan :D

Big girl already :D

This was taken on her Birthday back in July 15th! 

GIGIness :D

Old dy :(

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hey you party rockers

Calling all the hot babes who love partying.

Here's an awesome chance for you to party real hard, with free flow of booze! 

To hot bloggers who love partying, you will not only have free flow all night long, but also stand a chance to win fawsome lucky draw prize at the end of this event! 

Now here's what you have to do :
Bloggers - Please blog a pre and post event post! Then send an email to this wonderful lady, Carina so that she could put your names in the lucky draw list. Here goes her email address :

Ladies who would love to party with us at night, just send an email or text or call Tiffany at or 012-606 3955  

p/s : Please send the email or call or text by 16th June morning! :) So that your name will be included in the list :)

To the gentlemen, if you were so happen to turn up at the venue, you will have to purchase the tix at RM288. But if you mention the name Tiffany, you will only have to pay RM198 for the entrance tix :) 

Alright, been talking about free flow, and all the TO-DOs to attend this event. But at where exactly the event is going to happen?

Here goes the details :Date : on the 16th of June 2012Venue : Lust@KLFree flow list : Gold Label, Black Label, Tiger, Strong Bow etcLucky Draw prizes include : the NEW iPad, perfumes, watches etc

There will be make up artists and manicurist waiting for you girls at the venue. Ladies will be entitled a free service if you arrive between 9pm to 12am.

For more details, do check out their FB page

So what are you party people waiting for? See you guys there at Lust tomorrow! :D

Sunday, June 10, 2012

An update :D

 Hello :P I'm back to update a lil bit.

I just turned 20, specifically, I have turned 20 a month and 3 days ago.

My college friends brought me to this nice place called Louisiana at Kelana Jaya for birthday lunch celebration before class.

Turned 20. Therefore, the expression 

Second celebration with my best friends at Snoopy Cafe in KLCC :D

They bought me this awesome snoopy tiramisu cake, and a super cute snoopy chocolate. The chocolate it is now still in my fridge. 

THIS CAKE, is nice :D

I have been wearing this tortoise shell eye glasses since, probably 3 months ago. And I broke 2 of them within 3 months time. 

P.s : The eye glasses do not meant to be a REAL eyewear as in, I made my lens according to my prescriptions and fit them into the frame. The frame was.. too.. fragile.. and the frame cracked. Both of them, same side for both. -___-


But, my lens will fall in any time. 

This is the only frame, that I really, REALLY, REALLY love it.

But now,

I'm wearing something like...


but, mine, even rounder :D

So, imagine that.

No more tortoise shell :(

Guess I'm done here ;D

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tiger Tiger Tiger

It was the most happening Saturday of my life in year 2011 :D 

I had a scholarship presentation thingy going on in the morning, Aster's birthday lunch in the afternoon and Tiger AMF in the evening til late night! :)

All the girls had a great great time spending with each other during the lunch :D Happily talking about every single thing that we have missed out :P


Look at our faces ehehheheheheheheheheheh

Rushed home around 4 something, but there were jams and etc etc, by the time done parking in the mall, it's already 7 something!

Guess what, we were so lucky that we saw a illegal spot in the mall's parking lot which is right in front of the entrance! :D We were so damn lucky :P, I was reluctant to park at the first moment, but after Wan Leng and others mentioned that I will definitely regret if I don't park. Therefore, park it right away :D Walk down like a boss wtf :P

We have this little girl with us, aged 20 but she looked like a kid. When we are going into the entrance, one of the crew brilliantly pop up and say 'Er, kids are not allowed to get in' -__- My reply? : 'We're not kids. -_-'

Anyway, of course we are allowed to get in, and I got no idea what's the function of our wrist band :/ I feel like I sort of wasted the tix, as we have another entrance where we do not have to queue to get in. As dumb as I am, I leaded my friends to the public's entrance, went all the way to the front and they said that that entrance is not for us.

Had a quite chilling moment in the AMF, 

Super small size girl but a super beer drinker!

This is so damn over exposed, but I still like it :P
Thanks to my phone's camera which is pro in capturing this kind of photos.

With Wan Leng :D

Jenn , Me, Zoey :D


I had a great time with my girls :D

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tiger AMF Tix - Check! :D

Thanks to Nuffnang :D

LMFAO tix, Thanks to KDU hahaha! A random contest that I have joined and surprisingly I have won the tix!

It comes in a pair, I, um, got no idea who to go with, therefore I have given the tix to Dai lou a.k.a William!'

Time flies in a blink, it's April already! I have ended my internship *FINALLY* and  I am having my sem break for 2 weeks!

Two freaking weeks, I don't know what to do, and rot at home -__- What a waste. 

Gah, not used to this new blogspot look, and I find nothing to share D:

That's all for now.

Don't hate me please. :)